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Renée Piane | Marla Snow | Christine Thorpe

United to Guide & Direct you 

into your Ultimate Relationship!






Renée Piane

Internationally renowned Love Designer and Relationship Reinvention Expert

A-W-A-K-E-N 4 Week Online Course


Are YOU Ready to Awaken

and Reinvent YOUR Life?




Are you Heartbroken?  Still Single?  Stuck in a Bad Relationship? 

Going Though a Divorce?  Dealing with the aftermath of Divorce?
The A-W-A-K-E-N 4 Week Online Course is for YOU!
Are you?
In the midst of a heart wrenching divorce, breakup and confused on how to get the

support you need to get through the process?










Shut down to love after being hurt and are still Single and want to get

support on your path to finding love?












In the wrong relationship and hoping things will change?












Staying in a relationship because it is convenient or you’re afraid of being alone?












Struggling with how to let your partner down easy without hurting their feelings?












Wondering how to end a relationship and prepare yourself to move on?


Are you caught or stuck in a bad relationship and unsure how to get out and restart your life?

No one really teaches us how to break up easily or go through a divorce with love and respect!  

The A-W-A-K-E-N 4 Week Online Course will help you “awaken” with an inside out approach to

transforming your life, communicate your desires with you partner, transition out of your relationship,

and to begin to build a new life.  This program is confidential and you can choose to be either

anonymous or active, regardless identities will not be disclosed, only if permission is first granted.


You will AWAKEN and be transformed with:


Become aware of the life phases you are experiencing and learn how to create a support system to help you through the transition. Examine your new vision and goals.


Get in touch with your heart.  Where is your heart now?  What condition is it in?  Listening to the wisdom from your heart and be willing to be honest about how you communicate with your children and your partner.  We will examine the patterns that created this situation and your role models of love.


Get mentally, financially emotionally prepared in advance before you break up or file for divorce. Get into action to change your situation and plan your exit strategy while protecting your financial assets and your future and your new life.



Master your mind and learn techniques and meditations to stay calm and balanced as you transition.

This will help you with your verbal communication and listening skills



Shift the negative energy and learn how to work with it and create positive live with less drama.  Learn techniques

to help you through difficult times and stressful situations.  Learn how to keep yourself happy without relying on someone else.



You will learn to nurture yourself first, without helping yourself first, you cannot help anyone else.  You will learn to love

yourself and appreciate the person you truly are.  You will find who that true person is in our Nurturing phase.


During your A-W-A-K-E-N Course you will:


~ Participate in an weekly interactive 90 minute Recorded Session.

~ Understand where your heart is and how to heal and move forward.

~ Get emotionally, financially and realistically prepared for the next step.

~ Create a vision and attitude for your new life style.

~ Build and expand your new social network.

~ Practice daily rituals/meditations to keep you positive and energized.

~ Learn new techniques to handle various stressful situations and conversations.

~ Learn how to communicate with your kids and your EX when you begin to date.

~ Learn how to contol your disappointment and anger so not to destroy your relationships.

~ The Weekly Recorded Session will be sent to you within 24-48hrs along with handouts and exercises to keep you in the flow.

~ Be invited to join our Secret Facebook Group where you will meet

likeminded people and we will be on daily to answer your questions

the choice is yours whether to join the Group or not.





Three powerful leaders have united to form The Relationship Transformation Team

Together we will gently direct you into your power. 

TRT Team have created a step by step plan to launch your new lifestyle

and transform your relationships with support, guidance & confidentiality.

Marla Snow

Divorce Attorney and Mediation Counsel


Christine Thorpe

Life Full On Transformation & Performance Coach


Renée, Marla & Christine have combined their depth, breadth and wealth of experience

and compiled the most comprehensive programs ever.  This course will involve ALL 3 Team Members in

a Weekly 90 minute Forum Online via ZOOM Private Meeting

(online or you call in on a live number - international access numbers available),

Plus, Private Face Book Group access where we will answer your questions daily,

Plus, Interactive Emails before and after each call with Interactive Transformational Tasks


Unbelievable Value - 3 Experts over 4 Weeks

For the cost of just 1 session with a Divorce Attorney

or 1 session with one of our Team Members.

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Total Value ALL for the cost of just 1 session with a Divorce Attorney or One of our Team Members.