United to Guide & Direct you 

into your Ultimate Relationship!

The Relationship Transformation


Renée Piane | Marla Snow | Christine Thorpe

Are you Heartbroken?  Still Single?  Stuck in a Bad Relationship?  Going Though a Divorce?
Struggling with Your Teenagers, Your Partner, Your Friends, Your Colleagues even Your Inlaws?
The Relationship Transformation Team CAN help you!

Christine Thorpe

The Abundance Mentor

Empowering Women Globally

Marla Snow

Divorce Attorney and Mediation Counsel


Renée Piane

Internationally renowned Love Designer and Relationship Reinvention Expert

Three united Tranformation Leaders have formed 

The Relationship Transformation Team. 

Together we will gently direct you into your power. 

TRT Team have created a step by step plan

to launch your new lifestyle and

transform your relationships with

support and guidance through our workshops. 

Privacy and Confidentiality guaranteed! 

Or you can choose to work 1 on 1 or

work individually with one of the Team

 Renée, Marla or Christine.

Renée, Marla & Christine have combined their depth,

breadth and wealth of experience and

compiled the most comprehensive programs ever.


Through our Online Courses, Live Workshops, Webinars,Teleseminars, Coaching and Retreats,

The TRT Team is here to help you get

the best out of your relationships and life. 


One on One Coaching Sessions

are available with individual Team Members.